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Burgundy (Bourgogne in French) offers some of France's most gorgeous countryside: rolling green hills dotted with mustard fields and medieval villages. The region's towns and its dashingly handsome capital, Dijon, are heirs to a glorious architectural heritage that goes back to the Renaissance, the Middle Ages and into the mists of Gallo-Roman and Celtic antiquity.

Two great French passions, wine and food, come together here in a particularly rich and enticing form. Indeed, Burgundy's centuries-old history of viticulture, combined with the remarkable diversity of its wine-growing terroirs, have made the region's vineyards a strong candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Burgundy is also a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. You can cycle through the Côte d'Or vineyards, hike the wild reaches of the Parc du Morvan, glide along the Yonne's waterways in a canal boat, or float above it all in a hot-air balloon.

Add the time to enjoy fine wines, a Chablis or Cote de Nuits for example, try some Epoisses cheese or a great piece of Charolais beef and take that stroll through the famous streets of old Dijon or Beaune.



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Гастрономический тур на 8 дней

Гастрономический тур на 8 дней

Paris - Beaune - Villié-Morgon - Lyon - Avignon - Paris | Продолжительность : 8 дней

Знакомство с Францией через ее вкус. Ее кухня — это богатый калейдоскоп различных блюд, каждое представляет свою местность и колорит. Пейзаж, кухня, образ жизни в каждом французском уголке уникальны и очаровательны. В этом прелесть и загадка Франции.

Short break Dijon

Short break Dijon

Dijon | Продолжительность : 3 days

Treat yourself to a break of three days in the city of Dijon: see the Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy, the Ducal Palace Quarter, head down the Burgundy wine route... with regards to cuisine you ask? Well this is in Burgundy so you'll reach a new gastronomical height here. And then there's all the rest; medieval architecture of such beauty that it left François I breathless.

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