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Mont Saint-Michel Next to the Manche Castle of Lower-Normandy Basse-Normandie Next to the Manche Lower-Normandy Basse-Normandie Basse-Normandie
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From the Norman invasion of England in 1066 to the D-Day landings of 1944, Normandy has long played an outsized role in European history. This rich and often brutal past is brought vividly to life by the spectacular island monastery of Mont St-Michel; the Bayeux Tapestry, world-famous for its cartoon scenes of 11th-century life; and the cemeteries and memorials along the D-Day beaches, places of solemn pilgrimage.


Lower-profile charms include a variety of dramatic coastal landscapes, lots of pebbly beaches, some of France’s finest museums, quiet pastoral villages and architectural gems ranging from Rouen’s medieval old city – home of Monet’s favourite cathedral – to the maritime charms of Honfleur to the striking postwar modernism of Le Havre. Camembert, apples, cider, cream-rich cuisine and the very freshest fish and seafood provide further reasons to visit this accessible and beautiful region of France.


The Lower-Normandy region is largely linked to the sea, opening to the world: invasions, conquests, discoveries ... It is also a land of stories those of William the Conqueror and the landing ... Calvados is known for the blueness of its Ocean and the green countryside ... nowadays the chic resorts of Deauville, Cabourg are alongside cities of art and history: Caen, Bayeux. Fishing harbors and pretty marinas: Honfleur, Courseulles ... lighten the burden of history from the landing beaches: Arromanches, Omaha beach ...


From Cherbourg to Avranches, nothing but the coast! Prestigious venues, among the most visited in the world, the Mont Saint-Michel, the Normandy landing beaches. Small islands: Jersey, Guernsey and Tatihou.


The Orne, meanwhile, has always welcomed travelers and visitors in a setting of greenery where history and gastronomy are inseparable!



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Short break Caen

Short break Caen

Caen | Продолжительность : 3 days

Let yourself be surprised by a break of three days in the city of Caen: from the time of William the Conqueror (the ducal castle and the two abbeys) to the Battle of Normandy (the famous Caen Memorial museum), the city has preserved its soul through the centuries.

596 €
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Short break Honfleur

Short break Honfleur

Honfleur - Le Havre - Étretat | Продолжительность : 3 days

Delight yourself with this three day break in the city of Honfleur: its charming fishing and sailing port, its old picturesque narrow streets, and its old timber-framed or slate-fronted houses. A magnificent collection of buildings that have inspired numerous painters.

630 €
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